Pup Palaces

Doggy Dayz specializes in designing and creating a custom area in your home for your pup!

Doggy Dayz LLC Doggy Family

Laundry Room Palace

A simple dog room idea is to combine your laundry room into a pet palace! Add a custom dog bed or crate area built & designed to fit your laundry room! Combining this with fun decoration and feeding area for your pet!

Mudroom Palace

A mudroom isn’t just a storage area for shoes and jackets! It’s also the perfect place to keep a dog kennel and discretely store chew toys, leashes, and food. Plus, making the mudroom your dog’s space will stop messes at the door before paw prints get tracked throughout the house!

under stairs dog bed

Under the Stairs Hideaway Palace

Looking for the perfect spot for a puppy zone? Use the otherwise waisted space under your stairs! These turn out to be the cutest homes for your pup! Complete with lighting, doors, windows, flooring and the ultimate package. Your little puppy prince or princess will live the life of luxury in its custom designed dog space!

Bedroom Palace

Who says you can’t give up an entire bedroom to your dogs? Especially if you have multiple canines who need a place to eat and sleep, go ahead and dedicate a guest room to their needs! Let us design the perfect bedroom that is devoted to your fur babies!

Home Office Pup Palace

Have an office or reading room where you spend a lot of your time? The perfect dog den in your office so your best friend can always be near you! Add a custom dog crate under your desk or install a doghouse in your study. This cozy spot will allow you and your dogs to spend quality time – even when you’re working! Attic or Basement palace If you have a large room free, indoor dog room ideas are endless! Attics, basements, and other areas of your home that typically serve as flex rooms will provide an open area for your furry family members to run, as well as provide lots of storage options.

Closet or Corner Palace

Don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your pup? Choose the corner of a flex room or distinguish a dog closet in a bonus room to store their bedding and other supplies. Setting up their bedroom in a closet will also allow you to easily hang up their collars, seasonal sweaters, and store winter boots!

Free Initial Consultation and the Design Process

The belief that dogs can’t see color isn’t totally accurate. While they can’t see the exact colors as humans, they can see some colors! So Here at Doggy Dayz the more color the better! During the initial free consult, we will discuss the color, themes, and functionality of the space. Once we have decided on all of your options and desires for you pup palace, we will design the space on paper/pc, meet again and decide on any changes or custom-built dog beds or furniture you may want from our various options. We then accept a deposit on your design and schedule your install of your pups palace!

Some designs may take 2-3 days, some make take 2 weeks to complete. It depends on the amount of custom work to create the design.

If the customer would like to ride along with Michelle (the designer) to select items for the space, they are more than welcome to come along! If not, Michelle will use her years of expertise to create the perfect area for your pup!

Doggy Draftman

Doggy DayZ! Believes that ALL pets should have their very own space! We’d love to create a space for any animal!